Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Ya'akov "Kenny" Menken: Making of a Blowhard

Just take a look at Yakov Menken on his blog, or see Dovbear's blog lately, and you'll see how Menken has botched the intelligent design debate and completely misconstrues what science is and isn't. His father, a noted physician, should cut Menken's trust fund in half until he shapes up.

It goes without saying that Menken won't post my comments anymore, but he won't post anyone unless they're pretty deferential. Or, in DovBear's case, Menken just uses his typical cheap shot technique of misconstruing what the person says, and then claiming some ridiculous assertion of Menken's is "rather obvious." (Be on the lookout for that).

You know, it's kind of funny how Menken writes about science and philosophy so much these days. In his Everything Torah Bunk, he makes numerous questionable statements in that book. One that stood out was the bold graphic. Like in the "For Dummies" books, this book has asides called E-Facts as in ("ESSENTIAL FACT"). I think my favorite from this total waste of money book was the following gem:

"Although Tsfas was a great center for Kabbalistic studies, this does not mean that thee was no mysticism practiced elsewhere. A contemporary of the Ari, Rabbi Yehudah be Betzalel Lowew (called the Maharal) of Prague, was famed for using the hidden Kabbalah to create a golem, a man of clay, to protect the community from harm."
Everything Torah Bunk, pg. 147.

The next time Kenny acts too scholarly, use the Golem to bring him down to earth!